Vital Rail’s ATWS division owns and operates several fully certified Automatic Track Warning Systems and supplies these complete with operators to projects across the UK. From the outset, and in conjunction with our client’s works programme, we plan a safe system of work to include ATWS operation, obtain all the necessary approvals, set up on site, test and operate the system for the duration of the works with removal following completion.

ATWS systems increase the available safe access period for limited or restricted access areas and provide an affordable solution to many otherwise difficult or higher risk track operations. We also supply and operate mobile lookout warning systems (LOWS) for small workgroups, short projects, or frequently relocating work groups.

Our ATWS systems have been installed on the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland for some 3 years where our client, Balfour Beatty, has benefitted from the increased production access for their Network Rail maintenance contract.